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LeQen Marketing And Management Is An Accomplished Ad-Agency And Marketing Firm In South Texas, Specializing In Solving Business Challenges In Digital Marketing, Mobile, Broadcast, Video, Search Engine Optimization, Management, Social Media, Branding, Design And Implementation

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About LeQen

Sam Cooper, M.B.A - President


LeQen has evolved as a marketing and advertising provider which requires diverse skill sets to create customized solutions for our clients. Clients, if not confused before, are now faced with endless choices to develop an extraordinary experience for their marketing success.

Marketing service firms are left with a large set of services from which to create lasting and repeatable solutions. LeQen’s involvement covers local to global markets, with deep knowledge across multiple industries. Our functions span from Technical Specialties, Business Development, Marketing Systems, Process Design, Program Management, and Yes - Marketing and Advertising.

Our most important assets, however, are our clients and business partners. We understand the need and scalability of our partners by designing unique teams and delivering to our clients the answers to the ‘Why’ of the equation. Satisfying the ‘How’ is just implementing business and technical requirements.

The success of our clients are centered on solutions that are created from actionable data, tested to agreed performance metrics, and proven to meet ROI from user-action to performance-after-the-click.

Clients have evolved as quickly as the marketing tools used to deliver their goals. Clients and prospects are now demanding their chosen marketing firm to assume ‘Real Risk’ that drive their goals.

And Now LeQen Clients can enjoy shared responsibilities, controllable and predictable outcomes.




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Digital Advertising

The pace of technology has reduced the size of our world while increasing our influence in it. We know the enterprise technologies that will drive your efforts to reach those in your markets and beyond. We know the individual niche social media platforms that create value on a personal, regional, and global scale when viral is the only acceptable outcome. LeQen has strategic partnerships with companies that are experts in the fields of:

value creation - marketing - photography - motion graphics

DIGITAL advertising - video & production - traditional media - design

multi-platform distribution - social media - geofence targeting

Search engine optimization (sEo/sem) - Management



provable campaign results - Digital Expertise - Cutting-Edge Technology


Audience Extension

This is a great tactic which utilizes a digital publisher’s web traffic. A third party display ad is presented on the site leveraging their traffic for ad space. The digital publisher receives revenue for the ad space. The advertiser can create a separate segment for reuse. Everyone is happy.


Cross Platform

Cross device was an epic event. All devices synced and available. Mobile, desktop, and tablet with enumerated manufacturers all talking together seamlessly. Leverage your current ad investment with digital formats. Cost effective and smart.

Now we are at the tipping point of Cross Platform. The availability of shared information, metrics, content, and analytics across social, programmatic, broadcast, and print.



Great competitive tool to isolate businesses and audience; your personal brand segments.

Simple technology - place a pin at midpoint and define the radius in feet, miles, or general distance. Isolate the competition by location and begin advertising your client.

The technology uses GPS coordinates to define area and APP data to locate the device. No personally identifiable information just device information.



This medium is expanding to record numbers, especially on mobile. Typical formats are 15 – 30 seconds. Video offers many play options to gauge device type and display criteria. Sharing and cross platform options allows video to be shared on other social media platforms and gaining new and younger audiences which consume video and social media 5+ hours per day.

Caution should be taken when planning a video campaign. Takeover screens are extremely subjective and will turn away an audience from an ad even over a short duration of a forced view.


Advanced targeting

Mobile advertising and interaction surpassed Desktop and Tablet beginning in late 2015. Targeting these devices is a prerequisite to any campaign especially retail, finance, and healthcare.

Predefined Audience Lists are designed to isolate people into categories which are usable for locating personal devices with intent to purchase an automobile, home, healthcare options, insurance, home improvement, and other retail or services.

Going a step further, Custom Audience Lists can be created prior to starting a campaign. CAL’s are defined by demographic and needs based data for a specific area. This is the same as a retargeting list that campaigns use to catalog their new click activity. The difference is the CAL is built before their use instead of after daily activity. And Yes, there is a cost to produce this list. Some feel the need to have a predetermined list rather than a list of results.



This is where it gets tricky. Your ability to promote your products and services, communicate with your customers, share and show information graphically, in other word connection with your market is critical.

Many companies have very specific needs and others require a simple off the shelf solution. Design and usability must be addressed. If this an information only site, will carts, conversions, and money be exchanged? Will advertising be driven to the site? Will the flow of the site produce ease of use with optimized Landing Pages? What strategies and tactics will be necessary to manage SEO/SEM to further promote growth? Lots to think about here.

Before tackling an issue which can and will determine your success in the market, maybe the most helpful thing would center on your core goals, business requirements, and KPI metrics.

Websites and related social strategies are designed up front and can be built overtime versus all at once. Treat your website site like starting a business. The startup is very exciting but running a great company day to day is far more important.



Ever have the “National Average” or “Look At All The Clicks” conversations. Average is not a result it is a condition.

Clients are driven by better – faster- cheaper and they expect exceeding performance. Averages, high click rates, more impressions, and superior creative are under the advertisers control, Yes? Being there are two side of the equation we must make clear the performance on both ends.

The cause of poor performance must be identified, and addressed. Consistent and proactive monitoring leads to a successful engagement with comprehensive analytical reporting.



Involves broad depth and concentrated flow of advertising. High volumes to gather data on geographies and other demographics. The resulting data can be used to further push to the mid-funnel, eventually leading to precise targeted campaigns, and retargeting opportunities.



The most powerful and cost effective means of digital advertising. And it does not cost a thing to build. Consider the same principle as a contact list on your device. You create it, name it, and add to it. Then use it to plan and invite friends to a dinner party.

With a small piece of text, a campaign will log a device to a retargeting list. Advanced Targeting can have higher costs. After the first interaction the device will be logged into a retargeting list. Using this list within a campaign, at a much lower cost, will identify and push advertising to sites the device accesses.

Too much of a good thing may not be the best solution. Conditions can be set to stop retargeting on a date cycle or after a purchase to avoid over-advertising.

If you have a provider which does not have retargeting as a standard default; find one that does. This will only lower costs. The use of retargeting is limitless.


Campaign Optimization

Data is unlimited on statistical performance information for campaigns over time. However, the use of partial and relevant information can be used to optimize pricing, budgets, and advertising spend immediately. This does require an overarching knowledge of the campaign structure and DSP as a platform. The results are higher performance and dollar allocations which support the business objective.

Demand Side Platform or Programmatic Advertising has several ‘realtime’ features which will benefit a campaign set's performance. Budget Allocation Shift will allow a budget to be modified and immediately calculate its pacing and new budget.


Geographical Targeting

Tactics for targeting geographical areas still have a robust and simple to use interface. The technology can divide an area to fit Hyperlocal, Zip Codes, DMA, Regional, National, and Global scales.



The eyes have it.

 Now Cross Platform has a new device. Your television is the new entrant in digital ad display. Full screen, less clutter, and greater inventory by channel. Meaning unforgettable commercial ad space is available to reach more viewers.

Currently two drivers are taking lead roles :

65% of households use CTV

Digital Advertising campaigns are now out-performing broadcast television advertising.


Marketing in Motion is not a slogan, it is how successful businesses and organizations are framing their company strategy and how they compete in the marketplace.

The majority of engagements have common threads:

1. Increase your market(s).

2. Elevate Competitiveness.

3. Increase Awareness

4. Increase Sales


Marketing & Advertising

If you are lucky enough to have Marketing and Advertising staff on payroll, great. However, every company requires, at some level, a resource that understands all your goals and how to attain the highest return. Cost may be your primary driver, or focus on goal attainment, or capturing new markets, or simply being on the top of a Search stack. You will need goals and resources that drive proper goal behavior and long term support capabilities as well.

LeQen has world class services providers, dedicated resources, and multiple platforms to bring about the change to move your business along your  desired path.


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Real Projects,  Achieved Goals.

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Senior Director, Compaq Computer Corporation:

"Compaq and the manufacturing portion of our business worldwide was in a new transition which required numerous companies with multiple competencies. Sam introduced an ability to tie together the major people from competitors and employees. The team assembled worked around the clock collecting requirements for a major supply chain upgrade. This endeavor was built by several key people, including Sam."


Vice President, Exxon:

 "Delayed projects, dissatisfaction with and between vendors were daily challenges. Digital Equipment Corporation searched their resources and brought Sam Cooper to interview with us. Within the scheduled time, Sam trimmed the team and completed the project including a stress testing timely. Sam completed a complicated upgrade on a critical VaxCluster and optimized the system while surpassing his original duty."


Consulting Project Manager at PL Developments

“Sam is very good at setting an overall strategy and then executing upon it. In my experience with Sam, he was able to target clients and sell our management services effectively. In a few cases, he made a case so compelling that clients signed with us in a shorter than the average time.”


Managing Director at DT Consulting Group

“Sam is truly an objective Director and Operations Professional. I have great respect for his insight and professionalism. It was common practice to give Sam difficult or deteriorating accounts. He relied heavily on his business acumen to convert these accounts and salvage relationships.”


Vice President at CapGemini-Ernst and Young

“I have worked with Sam and his teams for 15 years. New to the company he started on a project for Exxon and took a critical situation and established a position exchange with the client. Further developed relationship with competitors and delivered the project, with VP attention, to completion. Resulting in a $50 million account being recovered.